The Center for Family Learning


     As the home page of this site will tell you, The Center for Family Learning (CFL) has been a leading educator in the fields of marital and family therapy, family psychiatry, psychology and social work for nearly forty years. This website contains the writings of Thomas Fogarty, Murray Bowen, Philip Guerin and others, some of which are out of print. These chapters and articles on triangles, Family Systems, genograms to name a few have been made available to students, researchers and clinicians to allow them to read the original materials in their original format.  The book Family Therapy, edited by Guerin, is currently out of print and has contributions from Bowen and from Guerin himself. The journal, The Family, is also currently out of print contains articles by Phil Guerin and all of Tom Fogarty's papers. This site also contains selected chapters from the more recent works, The Evaluation and Treatment of Marital Conflict and Working with Relationship Triangles. These books are still in print and available for sale at major book retailers. CFL has preserved this library of work for its historical importance to the Family Therapy movement and the continued relevance of this body of work today. This archival library website is a labor of love produced by CFL's Board of Directors as a tribute to Dr. Guerin and also a tribute in the memory of Dr. Fogarty, Dr. Bowen, Eileen Pendagast and an acknowlegement all of the hard work of CFL's other faculty and friends over the years. We hope that you enjoy this website and all it has to offer. Our visions is that this archive will continue to grow over the years and provide access to the theories and models we hold so dear in their original form so that their influence and relevance may be passed on to future generations. Thank you for visiting The Center for Family Learning archival website.